I provide administrative and logistical support to folks leading initiatives of various kinds and sizes in the arts and humanities.

Maybe you’re too busy, or you’d rather spend your time doing something else. Or maybe you can’t muster the energy, because so much of this involves dealing with bureaucracy and administration, which are not your strong suit. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. 

I can help with:

  • preparing budgets, proposals, and reports
  • exploring funding options 
  • making calls and sending emails, collecting receipts and sending invoices
  • updating websites
  • organizing files, papers, and spaces 
  • contacting collaborators and updating contact lists
  • scouting locations
  • making travel plans and transport arrangements
  • writing about and documenting work
  • advocacy, representation, planning and prospection

  • I work with individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • I am qualified to work on a variety of projects, including exhibitions, installations, and performances; public art commissions; conferences, workshops, and screenings; websites and newsletters; print and online publications.
  • I am especially interested in working with projects that deviate from or fit uneasily within current disciplinary and funding/market frameworks. 
  • The best way to find out if I can help with what you need is to get in touch: info [at] pablo-rodriguez [dot] ca

Putting a project together can be daunting. People’s needs, capabilities, and ways of working often don’t square with the protocols of the institutions that they have to navigate. I subscribe to a model of support in project management and coordination that’s not primarily about making people bend to these realities, but about finding ways of getting things done that do good by the people working with me.

Whether you’re an individual, group, or organization, I believe that you are in the best position to adequately assess your needs. Part of my job is to understand these needs, and sometimes to assist in the process of articulating them. Because administration and management are never neutral practices, I place a special focus on working with people to find the best, most enabling ways to move their projects forward.

My rates are set on a sliding scale depending on the type of work, the difficulty of the project, and people’s financial situation.

With more than a decade of work under my belt, both in a university context and in the nonprofit arts sector, I feel like I’ve learned about the needs, rhythms, and challenges that are typically kicked up by new projects. It’s an experience that I wish to lend to thinkers and creators if they have a need for it.